Freddie James
Freddie James (click to expand)

Freddie James has been dazzling the world over with his smooth singing style, boundless energy, and his ability to virtually hold a crowd in the palm of his hands.

At a young age, Freddie, who comes from a musical family, learned the value of showmanship and professionalism. In fact, before he even finished high school, his debut album was certified gold and platinum all over the world. He enjoyed success with his hits, “Hollywood”, “Dance Little Boy Blue” and especially with “Get Up And Boogie”, which made him the first artist to reach gold status with dance music in Canada.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Freddie learned about singing from the soul while listening to his family singing in church choirs until he and his family moved to Montreal Quebec Canada in 1975. Disco was all the rage, and Freddie was in the right place at the
right time. He recorded his first album in 1977 with Warner Bros. and continued to be a part of several other recordings in 1979 for Arista Records.

Amazingly, Freddie’s talents are not limited to his vocal and dancing abilities, but he also co-wrote and co-produced his sister ‘s smash hit “Murphy’s Law”. In the 80’s Freddie
starred in two major American films, and was in the Broadway play “Hair”. Using his ever versatile personality and charm, Freddie also regularly performs stand up comedy to sold-out crowds.

The journey for Freddie has had ever changing venues. Not only does he tour throughout Canada and the United States, but he has accepted invitations to perform in Japan, Africa, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and China

Rosalind Milligan
Rosalind Milligan (click to expand)

Rosalind Milligan was born in Chicago on August 30 1965. born within a talented family she grew up in the studio. When Rosalind was ten years of age her family moved from Chicago to Montreal, Canada.

Not surprising Rosalind choose to become a singer as her mother Geraldine hunt who had the Billboard mega hit “Can’t fake the feeling” and brother Freddie James who had the Billboard hit ‘Everybody get up and boogie” and “Hollywood” In 1982 Rosalind “Roz Hunt” signed a contract with Polydore International as one half of the popular duo
Cheri. “Murphy’s Law” was their first International hit record.

In 1984 second Cheri’s second album “Love Stew” was released.Which had limited success. Rosalind toured all though the “U.S.A, Europe, and Canada with the duo group Cheri.

Rosalind had the pleasure of performing along side such Legends as “Celion Dion”, “Imagination”, “Junior”, “The Gap Band” and:

Grace Jones
Four Tops
Smoky Robinson
Jermaine Jackson
Sister Sledge
Patrice Rushen
Fonda Rae
Robin S
Gino Soccio
…and many more,

In 1987 a musical alliance was formed between Rosalind and brother Freddie James. Together they formed a live show band and began to tour. From that time till present they had the privilege of performing for audiences in Canada , U.S.A, Japan, Africa and many more.

In between 1987 and present day Rosalind decided to attend Concordia University to study music & dance to further her knowledge of the music she loves She also had the pleasure to be part of Montreal music scene and perform with some local bands like:

Co Soul
funk soul
Pain & Pleasure
Funk Store
Sky Juice

After years of contributing her musical talent to so many amazing projects she feels that she still has more to give and experience and can’t wait to get started.

Achilles Pitsios
Achilles Pitsios (click to expand)

Achilles, Born and raised in Montreal Quebec, Canada has been inspired to
play music, at a young age. He picked up the guitar at the age of 12 and has
been playing ever since.
Growing up in his hometown of Montreal and listening to vast variety of
musical genres such as rock, blues funk R&B, jazz and world music has
fused together a unique style of playing that has evolved his guitar playing to
where he is today.

Achilles also writes, produces, composes, arranges and teaches music. He
also has played for various original artists such as Jacynthe, Joe Puga,
Nodeja and Louisa Pepe to name a few. He has done various freelance
projects outside the city including studio and live performances,
Performing on music minus guitar karaoke tracks for LOOKINGFOR music
productions with mini guitar lessons included on each track

Alexander Lioubimenko
Alexander Lioubimenko (click to expand)

My passion for music is something that dates back to when I was 6 years old. My classical upbringing was mentored by Lawrence Djintcharadze who taught me to his
full expertise. Upon discovering Oscar Peterson’s album West Side Story, I fell in love with the magic of jazz. Since then, I have been improvising, writing my own music and
teaching students to ensure that this valuable knowledge be passed on.

At the age of 8, I passed the McGill Secondary 3 exam with distinction and two years later, I recorded my first classical CD. I have participated in numerous competitions
always with success. I studied at Vanier College in Jazz Performance and received the Spinelli Entrance Exam Scholarship, along with the J.L. Big Band Scholarship. I
was a part of the Vanier College Big Band and we performed at the Jazz Festival in 2014. I’m currently in my second year at McGill University in the Bachelor of Music
Jazz Performance program. In my first year, I played with the McGill Big Band at many venues. Including the Jazz Fest des Jeunes.

Presently, I play with various bands and jazz ensembles. I wish to pursue my career in the music field as a teacher, performer and composer.

Mark Di Claudio
Mark Di Claudio (click to expand)

Hailing from Montreal, Mark Di Claudio is an extremely versatile drummer who has been playing professionally since 1988. He has performed and recorded with many top Canadian artists such as Claude Dubois, Bobby Bazini, David Jalbert, Johanne Blouin, Nicola Ciccone, Marc Angers, Dany Bédar, Walter Rossi, Brigitte M, James Correa, Les Sweet People, Talisma, Stephan McNicoll, Florence K, Pascal Dufour, Lina Boudreau, Ricky
Paquette, Russ Dwarf (Killer Dwarfs), Nouzôte, Daniel Lavoie, Marjo, Riot and the Blues Devils, Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite, Blou, Patsy Gallant, Jason Bajada, Marie-Denise Pelletier, Ima, Nancy Martinez, Ariane Brunet, Éric Lemieux and Christian Legault (La Chicane), Luc De La Rochellière, Gabrielle Destroismaisons, Philippe Berghella, Bob Walsh, Mario Pelchat and many others in numerous musical styles ranging from Jazz, Blues, and Latin to Progressive and Mainstream Rock.

Mark began studying and playing the drums at the early age of 11. Influenced by progressive bands such as Rush, King Crimson, ELP, Genesis and Frank Zappa his technique and finesse developed at an advanced rate. He later studied Jazz, Latin and Classical music with such great musicians and educators as Charles Ellison, Abdul Wali Muhammad and Pete Magadini before obtaining his Bachelors degree in music from Montreal’s Concordia University in 1997.

In 2000, Mark’s Jazz performances with Quebec artist Johanne Blouin and renown New York musicians John Hicks & Curtis Lundy (and later with Montreal greats Skip Bey & Tim Jackson) gave him impetus to further explore and surpass his musical boundaries. Mark has performed at Montreal’s Place des Arts, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, le Sunside in Paris and Smoke Jazz Club in New York. In 2005 he also
performed with Gold-selling Acadian band, Blou, representing Canada at the World’s Fair (Expo) in Aichi, Japan. in addition, Mark has been showcased in magazine and newspaper articles and performed on many major live radio and television shows.

Mark’s flexibility as a musician is reflected in his work with such different artists and groups as: Talisma (Progressive), Dany Bédar (Pop/Rock), Johanne Blouin (Jazz & Pop), Riot and his Rhythm Devils (Blues), Nouzôte (Latino/Quebecois), Panayiotis Brakoulias (Greek Traditional), Blou (Acadian) and Walter Rossi (Rock). Mark has also been teaching music for over 25 years and many of his students have gone on to become very successful drummers in their own right.

Today Mark is known for his extreme versatility and tasteful, dynamic style. His sound, tone, impeccable groove and strong backing vocal abilities keep him very much in demand as a freelance session drummer and band member.

Gary McKenzie
Gary McKenzie (click to expand)

Gary McKenzie and had been a professional musician (bassist and composer) for more than thirty years. He has worked with an array of versatile and influential musicians
over the years including John Ellison, who wrote Grand Funk’s mega hit Some Kind Of Wonderful, Jean Louloup, Martine Sinclair, Myles Goodwyn of April Wine, the
legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy, Rick Ocasek, guitarist and composer with the Cars, Poetic from the Gravediggaze(Wu Tang), and Bran Van 3000 (BV3).

He was one of the original members of Bran Van 3000(BV3)for fifteen years. He was the bass player and helped compose many songs on three albums, including ”
ASTOUNDED” which he co-wrote with James DiSalvio and the legendary singer song-writer Curtis Mayfield, who was the featured vocalist on the track.

Gary is now the bass player for the Freddie James Project and looks forward to bringing the magic of music everywhere they perform.